Private Francis Smith (1793-1836)

  Head and foot stones from the grave of Francis Smith Springwood Cemetery (Blue Mountains City Library)   Francis Smith was born at Bromashall, Middlesex, in 1793. On 6 December, 1813, he enlisted in the 4th Foot of the King’s Own Regiment, which was engaged in the fighting against the armies of the Emperor Napoleon in Spain. The following year he proceeded with the regiment to North America and participated in the Battle of Bladensburg and the capture of Washington; then accompanied the regiment south to New Orleans. The 4th sustained heavy losses against Andrew Jackson and half their number … Continue reading Private Francis Smith (1793-1836)

Aviators and the Blue Mountains

In the age of pioneer aviation between the two world wars, flyers were the superstars of their time; and among them were a number of Australian and British flyers who became international as well as local heroes. Three local parks in Katoomba were named after aviators, some toured the Blue Mountains to rapturous acclaim and other place names serve as memorials. ***** Bert Hinkler outside Springwood School of Arts 1928 Hinkler Park, Katoomba Hon. Squadron Leader Herbert John Louis Hinkler AFC DSM (8 December 1892 – 7 January 1933) – better known as Bert Hinkler, was a pioneer Australian aviator (dubbed “the … Continue reading Aviators and the Blue Mountains