Japanese Street Names in Leura & Hazelbrook

Japanese sailors at Taronga Zoo, 1924
Photo courtesy of Australian National Maritime Museum
In the latter part of the 19th Century and the early 20th Century, Japanese art and culture had a widespread influence on Western art, interior design, music, fashion and textiles.


Many Australians, like others in Europe and elsewhere, were fascinated by things Japanese. Japanese Navy training squadrons twice entered Sydney Harbour, in 1903 and 1906, to enthusiastic receptions. Other visits occurred in the 1920s, see image above.


During the 1906 visit, Katoomba Municipal Council extended a formal invitation to the officers and men of the fleet to visit the Blue Mountains, and a number of new streets were named in their honour, one other street was given a Japanese name in 1922.


However following the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1942, the Japanese names were changed as follows.

Japanese name 1906                                 New Name 1942
Ito Pde, Leura                                             Britain St
Iwasaki Pde, Leura                                    Franklin St
Kamimura Lane, Leura (1922)                  Victory Lane
Kamimura Pde, Leura                               Winston St
Togo Ave, Hazelbrook                               Cunningham St
Togo Pde, Leura                                          Churchill St
Tokio Rd, Leura                                           Roosevelt St


Curtin St, Leura, previously an un-named lane, was named in 1942 after Australia’s wartime Prime Minister John Joseph Curtin (1885-1945)

John Merriman, Local Studies Librarian

* Street Whys, the Origins of Blue Mountains City Street Names. Christopher J Woods, 1997.
* Minute Books, Katoomba Municipal Council, 1906, 1922,


4 thoughts on “Japanese Street Names in Leura & Hazelbrook

  1. Hi John, I grew up in Franklin st and always knew the story but never the original names. I believe Curtin Street behind Franklin was also included on this list (though may be merely anecdotal)


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